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Química de los Pavimentos

QDP Química de los Pavimentos was founded in 1988 by Spanish specialists with extensive experience in cold technologies, both at the level of design and technical assistance and in the execution of works.

The initial objective of QDP was to provide technical service to companies related to bituminous emulsions and their applications, developing specific products for these fields. In a first stage, its activities focused on technical advice to Spanish companies in the manufacture and spreading of grouts and cold microagglomerates, developing additives adapted to these applications.

Starting in 1993, QDP began to manufacture on an industrial scale cationic emulsifiers for the manufacture of emulsions, additives to improve adhesiveness and other specialized products for applications that use bituminous binders.

Química de los Pavimentos designs these new products in continuous collaboration with its customers, according to their needs and specifically adapting them to the development of new applications. It currently has a complete range of products of its own design, for use in the construction of bituminous pavements, both cold and hot.

During the last years, QDP has expanded its structure, its facilities and its field of activity. Since 1998 it has been widely introduced in the Portuguese market and currently supplies products to clients in the rest of Europe, Central America, Africa and India.
Quimica de los Pavimentos puts its extensive experience at your disposal to help you solve your problems in bituminous binders and their applications both at the design, laboratory or execution level.