Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers

For some applications conventional bituminous binders do not have adequate properties to meet the desired requirements. In this case, the incorporation of certain additives that modify the rheological properties of the bitumen can help, improving certain characteristics.

Rheology Modifiers

POLYLATEX-B is a cationic dispersion of a styrene and butadiene copolymer, designed to manufacture cationic modified asphalt emulsions. It can be incorporated into the asphalt emulsion, by stirring or pumping. It should preferably be incorporated into the water prepared to make the emulsion.

QP-PPA is a polyphosphoric acid that is commonly used for the modification of the rheological characteristics of conventional bitumens or in the production of modified bitumens, including rubber-containing bitumens.

It is added to the bitumen by introducing it either into the storage tanks or during any modification process, whenever its physical-chemical characteristics are to be modified and its rheological properties are to be changed.

QP-WAX is a wax that has been specially designed for use in the production of hot mix asphalt in order to improve the wettability of aggregates at temperatures lower than normal hot mix temperatures.

It allows the asphalt mix to be worked at a temperature between 20 C and 40ºC lower than usual, guaranteeing a workability of the mix equal to or even better than the standard mix.

THERMOBIT 400 is an additive for the manufacture of heat-adhering cationic bituminous emulsions.

It is incorporated into the aqueous phase totally or partially replacing the acid for the saponification of the emulsifier. Used for the manufacture of cationic bituminous emulsions, it decreases the penetration of the residue and, at the same time, increases the softening temperature.