Additives are used to modify the characteristics of a bituminous emulsion or to improve its applications.

ADDIBIT and COHEBIT are designed to control the breaking speed of cold slurries and micro-agglomerates, optimizing the fluidity of the mix and providing rapid breaking and cohesion after paving. Bases for manufacturing these additives are also available on request.


COHEBIT is the basis for manufacturing breakage regulating additives, especially recommended for cold bituminous slurries and micro-agglomerates that are applied in winding, shady areas and with higher ambient humidity, providing excellent cohesion of the mix and rapid opening to traffic.

COHEBIT 100 is a breakage regulating additive, which is used for cold laying of bituminous slurries and microagglomerates. It is recommended to apply this product especially in winding, shady areas and with higher ambient humidity; obtaining an excellent cohesion of the mixture and rapid opening to traffic. Its effectiveness is increased when combined with a bituminous emulsion made with POLYBIT QPS.

ADDIBIT Due to their surfactant nature, they fulfill the following functions:

Make it possible for the asphalt emulsion to be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the aggregate. Allow the grout to spread without breaking the emulsion. Allow that, once the extension has been carried out, the breaking of the emulsion be rapid. Improve the adherence of the asphalt bitumen to the aggregate.

ADDIBIT 100 is an additive designed to control the breaking speed of the emulsion, used in cold bituminous slurries and microagglomerates. Especially recommended when the ambient temperature is higher than 25 ºC.