About Us

Q.D.P. Química de los Pavimentos is the leading manufacturer in Spain of chemical products used in the construction of both cold and hot bituminous pavements. We have to your disposal our complete range of own design product and a wide technical team with an extensive experience in bituminous binders and their applications in terms of design, laboratory or job site.



Química de los Pavimentos offers the market a range of emulsifiers to manufacture cationic and anionic emulsions for rapid, medium and slow setting.


Additives are used to modify bituminous emulsion characteristics, or improve their applications. ADDIBIT are control breaking additives used in the production of microsurfacing and slurry seal treatments.

Anti-stripping agents

Química de los Pavimentos offers to the market a range of Anti-stripping Agents, mainly based on organic polymers, which improve both active and passive aggregate – bitumen adhesivity.

Bitumen modifiers

These additives are used to modify the characteristics of bituminous emulsion’s residual bitumen and to improve the applications performance of such emulsions.